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Congratulations to our 2023 Season Award Winners

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Melissa Hardinge (right), recipient of the Windermere Award for 2023

Major Award Winners

Windermere Award

Melissa Hardinge

NTNA Encouragement Coaching Award Junior

Holly Ford

NTNA Encouragement Coaching Award Senior

Kristy Harris

Maree McCullagh Umpiring Award Junior

Sophie Allison

Maree McCullagh Umpiring Award Senior

Ali Gumley

Narelle Cameron Encouragement Award

Haylee McMullan

Midweek Best & Fairest

Division 4C

Best & Fairest – Alicia Johnston (Amazonz)

Runner Up – Tayla Clayton (Gee Tees)

Division 4B

Best & Fairest – Claire Russell (Clovers)

Runner Up – Taleah Hill (MVNC)

Division 4A

Best & Fairest – Imogen Richards (Generation)

Runner Up – Kate Mackrell (Clovers)

Division 3

Best & Fairest – Lauren Klomp (Amazonz)

Runner Up – Chelsea Filgate (WSNC)

Division 2

Best & Fairest – Emma Hall (Deloraine)

Runner Up – Gabbi Groves (Motors)

Division 1

Best & Fairest – Magdalia Koko (Esk)

Runner Up – Danielle Laugher (Generation)

Junior Sportsmanship Awards

U13 Sportsmanship Award

Brittany Chandler-Onions, Deloraine

Runner Up - Stephanie Gardner, Amazonz

U15 Sportsmanship Award

Annalisa Goelst, Tamar Jets

Runner Up – Macie Petterwood, Gee Tees

U17 Sportsmanship Award

Emily O’Connor, Amazonz

Runner Up - Asha Mannie - Deloraine


Team Sportsmanship Awards

U13 - Tamar Jets Purple 13

U15 - Amazonz Zzim Conveyancing

U17 - Gee Tees Jellybeans

Club Sportsmanship Award

Esk Netball Club

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